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About us

Who is ISO-Photography?

ISO-Photography is primarily comprised of a duo, Ben and Tash but ISO also has access to extra support workers a mile long who are all extremely passionate about photography and love the ability to be creative; determined, hardworking, with a zest for anything creative and the occasional craving for some black forest mud cake – From Event Planners to IT Tech, Make-up, Wardrobe and everything in between, Everyone is willing to give it their all.

Here at ISO we love to create dynamic, visually mind blowing images that’s incredibly unique. If it’s food photography, we want you to drool. If it’s automotive photography we want you to desire. If it’s fashion photography we want you to admire, and ladies to also drool and desire. If at the end of the day we can evoke an emotion out of you then we’re happy. It seems this has become our style of photography along with painting the scene with gorgeous light, which creates three dimensionality and interest in our photos. We adore creating the ordinary into the extraordinary. Every photo shoot is different and with our amazing attention to detail we make sure that the end result shows this.

In the corporate, commercial and advertising side of ISO, we have extensive knowledge of the advertising and marketing industry, we can work alongside agencies and briefs so we can understand what they require. We know how to create photos that meets the requirements of all that boring (but important) stuff, like making sure that the images appeal to the target market, suitability for placement and everything else in-between.

If ISO were a person it would probably watch movies like: Cool hand Luke, The Godfather 1 and 2, anything by Stanley Kubrick, Tarantino, The Incredible Shrinking Man, and the odd chick flick. ISO would also be a huge foodie, always ready to enjoy a great meal! But also loves to cook at home, often enjoying cooking anything from mango chicken to lasagna for dinner. Loves deserts, ice-cream and absolutely anything chocolate.  Playing on ISO’s Ipod would be Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Easybeats, Modest Mouse, The Beatles, Mike Snow, Train, Meatloaf, Bob Dylan, The Killers and Pink Floyd plus so much more!


The Big Cheese,Photographer and part time shower vocalist

Ben is the mastermind behind the production and creation of ISO-photography, but he is no Einstein (He still uses a calculator like the rest of us; it seems his strong point is photography – not math’s or the thermo-dynamics of interstellar dust). He is friendly, loyal and hardworking (often staying up late hours to get the job done ahead of schedule), taking pride in all the work he does (he will not rest until he feels that his photos are the best it can be – I’d say he is a perfectionist with a little bit of OCD, though you wouldn’t think so if you ever saw his desk!).

He is not boastful but rather quite honest and frank, and has a quirky sense of humor, one that you can enjoy and laugh with, not one that makes you think – this person should be in an asylum – with his jokes and antics always brightening up everyone’s mood. He is agreeable and easy to get along with; he is also a people person and will strive to do the best he can in helping others in everything he does.

Ben has been around cameras all of his life, and even took to the camera as a toddler, here is one of his first photos taken when he was only one year old!  Thankfully Ben has come far in his photography from his toddler days!

“One of my earliest memory is one of my father and I on a ferry going to the Zoo, I was on his shoulder and holding his Polaroid instant with my tiny hands, this Polaroid was nearly twice the size of my head. My Dad tells me of how I was so amazed with this rectangular “magic-box” and what it could do.

I consider myself extremely lucky; my job involves me doing what I love. Taking and capturing unique moments with my photography and having a damn good time while doing so. Even with the countless hours and sleepless nights, occasionally dangling over a cliff for the right framing of that shot, it all becomes worth it when I look back at the photos and the stories they tell. Photographers Chase Jarvis and Joe McNally are my touchstones

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Producer, Planner and self confesed stationary addict

Tash is our glue, she makes sure that everything is running and running as it should. When locations , flights, equipment and even the odd equatorial guinea pig need to be booked, places needing to be traveled, she makes sure it all going to happen like a finely made Swiss clock. Ben’s right hand woman (or would it be left hand, seeing as Ben is left handed) With a heart of gold and always ready to have a laugh. When Ben goes on one of his tangents or starts to ramble on about f-stops, cameras and things alike, Tash is nearby to bring him back to planet earth, which could be described as one of the most difficult tasks in the known universe.

Ben is rarely ever at a shoot without Tash, either working side-by-side with Ben or behind the scenes. Like air, she’s always around. Able to multi-task, like talking on two phones, typing up an email, printing out run sheets and building a 1:128 scale replica of the hanging gardens of Babylon. Without Tash, ISO would not be the lean, mean photographic machine that is today.